Almost a year ago a fascinating production was heading to the dancefloors of the world. The catchy piano anthem I Rock, I Dance, I Sweat became an instant hit not only because of the great inheritage, but also because of the pumpy, energizing vibe that it created. After the succesfull follow-up Shake That Body, we still didn't have a clue who the »mad professors« behind those ingenious creations were. At Mister Deejay we decided to shed some light on this and the result is an italian story about aspiring producers and happy vibe dj's. Morris Corti exclusively for Mister Deejay!

Who is Morris Corti?

I'm a Dj since 1989, and a producer since 1994. Nowadays I'm working as resident dj at CFC, Como (Italy), a 2000 people saturday night club, and as freelance in some others. In the last years I played in many of the most important italian clubs as Twiga (Forte dei Marmi), Yab (Firenze), TheClub (Milano), Neroblanco (Parma), Country (Palermo). From 2007 I have realized several house music productions. Some of them could be remembered: My Friend Cope "Hedonist Groove" (#4 Beatport, cd compilations and Bob Sinclar Playlist), Tango&Cash "Dance Her" (#11 Beatport), and the world hit „I Rock I Sweat I Dance“ of course. All of them have been published by Checktime Records.


Who is Eugenio LaMedica?

Eugenio is a Dj since 1989, and a producer since 2002. Nowadays he is working as resident dj at Noir Club, Monza (Italy), a 1500 people saturday night club, and as freelance in some others. From 90s till now, he has worked as resident dj at Shocking Club (Milan, 3 years), ClubModŕ (Erba, Italy, 5 years) and he has played in many italian clubs: some of them are Blue Beach and Fiat Playa (Porto Rotondo, Sardinia, Italy), Bambů (Mantova,Italy), Magoo (Formentera, Espana), Des Alpes (Madonna di Campiglio, Italy). His productions together with Morris Corti are: "Risky", "I Rock I Sweat I Dance" and "Shake That Body" by Checktime Records label.

Tell us about you starting as a dj in the 80's. What is the thing that fascinates you the most with dj-ing nowadays?

I started playing as a dj just in 1989 for fun. I was almost sixteen and I bought a mixer together with some friends of mine; after two years I had the first set in a little club, and then day by day I really grew up as a real dj.
I think that one of the most exciting thing now is that I can play my own music. In my sets I play not only my production but also many of my official remixes, and I personally re-edit almost every track I play. That's why my set is REALLY MINE!

You rocked the clubs last year with the catchy piano anthem »I Rock I Dance I Sweat« Surprised?

A little;) Eugenio and I decided to work on the super famous „Shined on Me“ piano main theme, being conscious to touch one of the most important tracks in house music history. We worked and we changed something in metrics and notes, trying to make it more pumping, even if it seemed to be quite impossible..But when we put the vocal refrain on the piano, well, we said: “WOWW! it's amazing!!“ ....everyone knows what happened later..

MORISS02newsw3.JPG MORISS02newsw4.JPG

To what tune do you like to Rock & Dance & Sweat?

I'm a dance/house producer..and my songs mirror what I like to play in my sets.. pumping and charging tracks, always with a happy and positive mood. I don't like dark atmospheres so much.

All time music favourites?

It's not easy to say.. I remember one track that, I think, definitely signed my change from dance to house music: it's Funky Green Dogs „Body“ (MAS Collective Ruff Mix). I like also everything by the legend Jocelyn Brown. Anyway, I don't listen only dance music..I love Madonna, Michael Jackson, Dire Straits, and, Lorenzo Cherubini alias Jovanotti, from Italy.

You have created your distinctive sound. How would you describe the type of music you're producing?
As I told you before.. HAPPY DANCE/HOUSE MUSIC.


A lot of producers of electronic music have their own little labels. Is it because of more freedom and less resctriction?

Maybe, but not only. Internet age has changed everything. It's much easier to open a digital label, and the fact that it's much cheaper does the rest.


We feel that the italo dance production is starting to come back in the whole Europe? Any thoughts on that?

90s Italo Dance was a real world phenomenon, something is going in that direction one more time. House, Dance and Pop are often very close to each other and they are sometimes the same thing. Some Italian producers are taking back Italian Style out from our country and it's fantastic..let's see what is going to happen in the next months..


We notice a gap in your discography from 1998 till 2004 and then again till 2008. What happened?

You are right. My first producing period was with a team, and honestly our productions were not so professional. We had much to learn and we were growing up in our experience. It was the great time of Italian Dance, and it was so difficult to go out with important labels. In 1998 after hundreds of „NO“ we got tired to work for nothing, and we decided to stop for undefinited time. In 2004 I switched on my sequencer again, trying to understand if I was ready to restart with productions. I had some good ideas, and I published some interesting pieces which began to make my name known in the italian djs circle. Unfortunatelly I really had no time to produce. In 2004 I founded TM RECORDS, with my friend Tote Dj (you can see him also as remixer in all my projects), a company which deals 360° clubs and dj culture, from audio-light-video installation to events' organisation, a dj shop and school, and soon digital record label. As you can imagine, my time and my brain were completely dedicated to build up our creature, and after six years I can say that it was the right decision! However in 2007 I took out one of my 2004 pieces. Changing sonority and, mainly, getting a new vocal line, in 2008 I came out with my first production of the pro age: MY FRIEND COPE „Hedonist Groove“. At first only digitally published on beatport, where it got the #4 position, and then with good success on single cd and many compilations. Well, I really came back on the scene.

TvCan you name a few of your favourite pieces of equipment as a dj / producer (software/hardware).

As a dj I'm Pioneer addicted, my ideal set is made up of three CDJ2000 and DJM800 mixer. As a producer I work since 1993 with Steinberg Cubase software and I can't work without my ADAM A7 nearfield studio monitors.

You were / are a resident in big clubs. Do you feel it's a good thing to be a resident or do you think it's better to play in a different club every weekend? How many weekends in the year are you on the road?

Being a resident dj gives you the possibility to „create“ your dancefloor.. you know people, and people know you deeply, every set is a nuclear bomb ready to explode. On the other side it's amazing to go round with your music in other clubs, cities and countries. When I go to some clubs, for example in the south of Italy, and people recognize me and love my music, and all my set is totally a „hands up to the sky“ situation, well, it's really a great satisfaction.

I have been playing every weekend during the year from more ore less 13-14 years. Fridays and Saturdays are the usual nights on the road, and in the last years I played sometimes also during the week, Wednesday nights have good house situations.

Tell us about the upcoming projects.

There's a new project by me and Eugenio LaMedica, with alias ELECTROCHIC. We are coming out with a track „DIRTY SEXY MONEY“ . It's a completely different style from our usual. We want to create another way for us to go forward with different projects and styles. I can tell you we will take you back in 90s atmosphere but with a new millennium sound.

Another one.. I'll go out with my second single as MY FRIEND COPE. The track is called „GIPSY“. It's an interesting house project, a great and strange inspiration idea..but I can't tell you any will be a great surprise.

And more.. I'm remixing some tracks for this autumn, I'm working with Eugenio for our next single, the third after „I Rock“ and „Shake That Body“, and I'm thinking about what it will be my first single as MORRIS CORTI single artist.

What tips would you give aspiring DJ's/producers to get started?

To keep on working and listening, working and listening! Always.. and remember: growing your own experience is everything.

Thanx Morris – all the best from Mister Deejay!

Many thanks to you.. hugs..

Morris Corti

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Edited: MrDJ on-line Tm
Answered by: Morris Corti
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MrDJ on-line, September 2010