Another interview from Mister Deejay Archives... Todaj we are focusing on the man who is contonusoly producing hits, filling dancefloors and entertainig crowds for almost two decades now... this interview was made in February 2005 just before his first live act in eastern part of Slovenia. Ladies and gentleman - we are presenting the legendary italian eurodance protagonista, Dr. DJ Cerla a.k.a. Florfilla!! Enjoy reading... :D
One of the greatest italian dance producers that consistenly delivered great records and filled many europen dancefloors – that's DJ Cerla.

A man who's carrer started in the 90's and virtualy exploded at the end of the millenium with the Floorfilla project, has always been true to his own style and concept but has inspired many along the way. Even though he is a great example of a saying that »one cannot be a prophet in his own country«, his enthisiasm to produce top dancefloor music has never failed

Being very respected and honored in France, Spain, Germany, Austria and Slovenia......he is determined to carry on his mission with new anthems, new Floorfilla tracks and new DJ Cerla creations.  If you want to see him and Momo MC in action you can catch them this Saturday in Oxygen Club – but the most interesting informations about the man who's favourite symbol is still the »middle finger« are gathered here in another edition of Mister Deejay international interviews. DJ Cerla / Floorfilla exclusively for Mister Deejay.

First, tell us your full name, date of birth, where you were born and where do you live now!
Dj Cerla:
Gabriele Cerlini, born and living in Modena, Italia

When did you start your music carrer! Tell us something about Cerla in the 80's?
Dj Cerla:
Actually, I started Djing in 1990. I was very attracted by the club culture at the time: house music, using the early samplers live and most of all, the girls!

As many dance music producers you started as a dj and you still are a dj today. Do you remember what you played back in the beginnings of your dj carrer?
Dj Cerla:
I don't remember exactly the first one, but it was stuff like Pacific State 909 and acid house.

We first heard your production in the early 90's! Have you produced something earlier under other names and what was the first officially released project?
Dj Cerla:
My first project has been Rotterdam '93 by Dr. DJ Cerla. A good beginning: it charted n.1 in the sales charts of Spain and Italy. I've always used only a few names: Alter Ego, DJ Cerla, Floorfilla, Tunaboy.

You had massive hits in the 90's (The DJ, Rotterdam, Wonder, Because)...
Dj Cerla:
Yes, but, apart Wonder and Rotterdam '93 they've been more clubhits than sales hits. Things changed in 1999 with Floorfilla's Anthem 2, which sold about 500,000 copies worldwide.

You also did a lot of remixes – can you name a few?
Dj Cerla:
Pulsedriver, Adriano Celentano, Rednex…

At the end of the Millenium you started a project called Floorfilla – tell us something about that?
Dj Cerla:
I started the project with Anthem 1, although the success came with the follow up Anthem 2. Then I met Momo B., my MC, and Floorfilla turned from studio project to be a proper live act. We have released then many other singles, 2 albums, a DVD and 4 compilations selected and mixed by Floorfilla.

We'we heard 6 anthems till now – will there be more?
Dj Cerla:
Momo is a part of Florfilla since when – when and how did you guys meet?
Dj Cerla:
Actually, we met in a club in Modena when I was resident-dj, in 1998. I saw his huge potentials, so I decided to ask him to join the new band.

Floorfilla is quite popular in France, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Germany....but not so in Italy – is there a special reason?
Dj Cerla:
Italian radios only play house music at the moment… nothing else, and sorry but I will never produce house! My heart beats a bit faster… at least 138 BPM!

In 2001 you reactivated DJ Cerla brand name and released Sahara Rave...
Dj Cerla:
Yes, and a new DJ Cerla is on the way. My idea is to produce a new Cerla every 4 months, we'll see if I will cope with it!

Can you reveal your Top 5 club tunes at the moment?
Dj Cerla:
Move your hands up – Clubraiders
Climb on top – Max Deejay
Global Deejays – Sound of S. Francisco
Starsplash – Cold as ice
Cascada – Bad Boy

I heard you and Momo prefer to drink Bacardi when on tour! Is that true or is it just a viscious rumour?
Dj Cerla:
It's a rumour: we drink Jack Daniels! J

Tell us something about your productions! How do you produce music? Can you reveal a favourite piece of studio equipment? A hot plug in maybe?
Dj Cerla:
I use Logic pro 7 on a Mac G5, a Roland JP8080 and a Access Virus.
The killer app is Logic itself and its plugins.

You are communicating a lot with your fans and fellow producers (– is it hard to stay in touch with the people along all the work you have?
Dj Cerla:
Yes, it is, but it's a pleasure to communicate with fans.

Your latest single was »Kosmiklove«! Tell us about you future production plans! Maybe the name of a new single?
Dj Cerla:
There will be soon a new Floorfilla, which is going to be more clubby than KL, and a new DJ Cerla toy.

You are appearing under the label of DFC in Italy! There are two Slovenian groups also signed there (Moulin Rouge and Tomy Or Zox). Any contacts?
Dj Cerla:
Yes. They are very good producers in my opinion. Maybe we'll do something togheter in the future.

You said on your page that clasical music education is not obligatory when dealing with the production of dance music! What must a person have and can one man do everything by himself (production, mastering, vocals)?
Dj Cerla:
Yes. I work this way. The only important thing is to »feel« the vibe and the groove of the music, with today's technology is very easy to have good sounds.

What is DJ Cerla doing besides producing music! You didn't always wanted to be a producer did you? How was the trip to USA last year?
Dj Cerla:
To be a producer/DJ is my dreamjob. I love it, but I do other things, too. For example, I'm finishing my University to become graduated in Sciences of Communication. My USA trip was only for holidays. I love California…

Can you tell us what music do you listen to and who are your favourite artists (not necessary dance music)?
Dj Cerla:
In general, I love electronic music. Depeche Mode, for example. But I also listen to hip hop and other strange things (for example the music of Ennio Morricone).

I'm sure you know the feeling when producing and having a great result in the evening or even late at night and a headache listening to the same creation in the morning! How do you handle that?
Dj Cerla:
It happens, but it's ok: the important is to put your ideas out of your head and inside the sequencer. You should work like a sculptor: work on a big block of ideas, then refine.

How long does it take for you to produce a track and how do you know that it's finished?
Dj Cerla:
Usually 1 month a song, but it could become 3. But I've finished Sahara rave in 1 week. You know it's finished when you can't add AND you can't take anything away from the song without making it ugly!

You are touring a lot. Do you and Momo tour together or do you go on tour separately (you as DJ Cerla and Momo as Floorfilla)?
Dj Cerla:
Always together.

Do you have a special philosophy in your life? Any favourite sayings?
Dj Cerla:
To know the right way to go, don't listen to suggestions but look inside yourself.

What's the most stupid thing you did in your life?
Dj Cerla:
The answer to last question! J

What advice would you give to the young Slovenian producers who are trying to make it on the international dance scene?
Dj Cerla: 1- create your own sounds 2- don’t be afraid to send demos

Thanx DJ Cerla – we are looking forward to your performance in Slovenia!
Dj Cerla:
Thanxxx guys!! It will be a great show!!!

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MrDJ on-line, February 2005