MRDJ interview - DJS FROM MARS (July 2010)

The world of dance music was swiftly taken into a vortex of a new idea, the winds have whispered of a new strange phenomenon. Not just simple recycling, but bold and sometimes even dangerous moves have taken over the dancefloors of the world. Marsians have just started their mission, but have already proved to be incredibly skilled at sampling, mixing and innovating. The crowds have been cheering them ever since. The invasion has started a few years ago and today the consequences of this phenomenon called Dj's From Mars are visible more than ever. So this is an exclusive presentation of a hot extraterrestrial production alliance, the first of this kind ever to be recorded. Dj's From Mars exclusively for

1.You are producing many great records at the time, currently two remixes for the german act Brooklyn Bounce. Please explain that collaboration and possible future releases.
We came in touch with Brooklyn Bounce by email, we sent some bootlegs and they appreciated them! Some weeks later came the request for the »bass beats & melody« remix, and of course we immediately accepted!! Then we had the idea to release »club Bizarre« which is a song we always loved....they liked the idea, and the work started! We are working with several artists at the moment, in the U.S. we are represented by Jason Nevins, which is great for us, since it's bringing us lots of works for big American names... Meantime, Rico Bernasconi, Dj Picco, Alex Megane, are some of our main partners/friends in Germany....and of course the Brooklyn Bounce is a big connection for us! About future releases, we absolutely don't know, we are usually impulsive about that, one day we wake up with an idea, we get in touch with the right people, and we do it! So who knows what's goin to happen tomorrow.........

2.You are very famous with your mash-up bootlegs as Bootfellas. Usually the dj's make their own versions of the tracks just for performing, yet you put them out and even make videos. Have you ever have any legal dispute, or maybe even an artist praising your efforts?
We think it's just promotion......sometimes the labels block the videos, but usually artists are cool with that....we didn't have problems....Stromae posted our »Alors on Danse« remix as his favourite bootleg on his Facebook...the Art Of Noise producer wrote us he really liked our mashup with the »moments in love« sample....fortunately they like it most of the time.

3. You seem to use the internet as a communications tool very well and many artists seem to reap the benefits of reaching a lot of people with their music. Do you find internet with all of it's file-sharing possibilities a threat to your productions or an opportunity to promote them even better?
Internet is definitely good! Everyday when we read comments from people from Japan, India, Russia, United States, Africa, Canada, we bow down to WorldWideWeb power. Ok it's no more about selling records, but now, in 2010, EVERYONE on Earth has the chance to listen to your stuff, become a fan, and come to your gig in a land you never even imagine it existed. A guy living at 10.000 km from you can see your pictures, write a comment, get in touch with other fans who can grow communities......most of all, you can work with a singer from NYC simply stayin in front of your PC, downloading her voice and gettin it in your mix.... Internet is definitely good, for 1000000 reasons !

4.Can you name some of your favourite studio equipment/dj performing tools (software/hardware)?
Ok there are millions to name, but just to choose a few, Cubase SX5 overall....then Nexus, Sylenth1, Trilogy, Predator, Halion. About our gigs, Pioneer stuff, no doubt. Cdj 1000 2000 800 400 or whatever, Mixer DJM800, and you are ready to rock!!

5.I've heard you're preparing a new hot bootleg these days. Can you reveal the 2 opponents for us??
There are several in work at the moment. We can give you some names, but not the opponents!
Let's go: Katy Perry, Iron Maiden, Snoop, Van Halen, Rihanna,'re going to discover the couples in the next weeks!

6.Your favourite top 3 records of all time and 3 current favourites?
We should have 24 hours to answer to this question, and not 3 but 3000 favourite records! What can we say, we listen to ALL kind of music, from classical to hip hop to metal to ragga to techno to progressive to salsa to ska so there is no way to name 3 favourite records! We love music, in all of its forms! [:)]

7.Do you really do all your gigs with boxes on your heads? How does that work?
Surely we do!! We actually live all of our days with the box since it's not a scene costume but our real head! There is an advanced cable system inside the boxes, which allows us to mix and play in the clubs...The boxes represent the good and the evil inside everyone of at the DjsFM show you are looking at us playing, but it's almost like you're looking at yourself.......... [:)]

8. Any Slovenian gigs in sight?
Not in the near future, but hopefully yes, it would be the BOMB....just call our spaceship:
TNXXXXXXXXX !!!  djsfm [:)]

Produced: Turbo T
Edited: MrDJ on-line Tm
Answered by: DJ's From Mars
Photo: DJ's From Mars offical site & MrDJ on-field crew
MrDJ on-line, July 2010

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